Raila Asks Ruto to Respect the Judiciary

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has come out to castigate President William Ruto over his recent corrupt accusations against the Judiciary.

Mr. Odinga, addressing the press on Wednesday in Mombasa, termed Ruto’s threats as unacceptable and a sign of dictatorship.

The opposition leader said that there are several occasions where the Judiciary has followed the whims of the executive and it is not right for him to start attacking the branch of the government as he promised to lead a resistance against attacks on the judicial system.

“Ruto’s entire political career has been saved by the Judiciary… After executing a civilian coup in the election of 2022 and receiving backing from the Judiciary in the illegality, Ruto has now turned upon the institution he deceptively seduced with false assurances that he had credentials in the rule of law.”

The Azimio chief even reminded the president that it is the same Judiciary that upheld his election victor a year ago and gave him the keys to the kingdom.

According to Raila, the utterances by the President are meant to intimidate the judiciary so that it can always rule in favour of his administration.

He accused the President of misleading Kenyans by saying that he will not be following court orders in his leadership yet he is the one not abiding by the law.

Mr. Odinga went on to say that the Head of State is the greatest beneficiary of the judicial decisions in Kenya’s history adding that despite the branch ruling against Azimio in the presidential election but they respected the court order, so should Ruto.

He asked the Judicial system to stand firm in its ruling and remain steadfast to protect the rule of law, adding that his faction would stand firm and stop the President in his tracks to muzzle the legal arm of government.

“We appeal to the Judiciary to stand firm in defence of professionalism, independence, the rule of law and constitutionalism. In this Judiciary, I see products of the old struggle against a vicious dictatorship. I trust that they will not allow judicial proceedings and decisions to be determined by Ruto’s tantrums,” he said.

Mr. Odinga said he is ready to help Kenyans stop such kind of dictatorship from Ruto’s government.


By Matildah Obaigwa

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