Are We Still In The Campaigning Era?

In regards to the ongoing political noise from various regions in Kenya, it is now evident that most of our top leaders are seeking popularity in the seats they eye in the next General elections rather than serving Kenyans.

The Mount Kenya region, Western part of Kenya are becoming notorious in political noise whereby leaders are fighting for supremacy.

Tensions have escalated in the area whereby the region is at crossroads on who is to be the Kingpin or who is to be supported for presidency in 2027.

DP Gachagua has accused the President’s close allies of undermining his authority and sowing division within the region.

He and his troops say his reputation has been tarnished and the administration favours younger leaders, possibly as Ruto’s 2027 running mate.

They say Mt Kenya that voted for Ruto is suffering from some of his taxation measures and he is not giving the region the benefits it deserves.

This friction has sparked concerns about potential fragmentation and lack of unity in what used to be a solid voting bloc. It voted for Ruto in 2022.

During a recent church service in Kieni, Gachagua warned the Mt Kenya region will regret failure to unite. He emphasised the importance of cohesion, saying internal divisions could weaken the mountain’s collective political influence.

Recently, remarks have been made that there is power struggle between President Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua with each vying to consolidate their control and influence in Mt Kenya.

While Ruto seeks to maintain the loyalty of MPs who supported his campaign, Gachagua is simultaneously working to build his own political base ahead of the 2027 general election.

Gachagua’s bold strategy to court Ruto’s allies has reportedly swayed some former supporters, unsettling the President’s camp within the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Additionally, Gachagua has shown clear intentions of reaching out to former President Uhuru Kenyatta in an effort to consolidate the region.

Gachagua, on Friday in Limuru, urged Uhuru to forgive those who wronged him in 2022.

After the inauguration in 2022, the DP delivered a scathing attack on the Uhuru administration for leaving the country in a mess.

Several leaders have come out pointing accusing fingers to the Deputy President over his remarks on resource distribution ‘one man, one vote, one shilling.’

In most counties also, various leaders including governors, their deputies, senators among others are turning public gathering into campaigning grounds for they are proving how better they can do in certain seats unlike those in the seats.

This shows that our leaders have not settled down to work for Kenyans who elected them. All they want is to ensure their agenda has gained popularity.

The question is, when will these leaders concentrate on delivering to their people? When will work done overpower political noise?

It is high time we understood the the kind of leaders we need and how to get them to the seats or positions they fit in best.

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