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EACC Names The Most Bribery-Prone Institutions In Kenya

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has revealed that, the Traffic police, County health department and regular police are the three most bribery-prone public institutions.

The 2023 National Ethics and Corruption Survey shows that there is a likelihood that each time a service is sought in the traffic police department, one is likely to be asked for a bribe 1.45 times.

For the county health department and the regular police, the prevalence is 1.05 and 1.02 times respectively.

The county education departments and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) were found to be among the top institutions one is likely to be asked for a bribe.

The integrity watchdog found that one is most likely to be asked for a bribe while seeking police security services.

Other government services where bribe soliciting is prevalent are when one is undergoing a driving test, registering a business and applying for a Teachers Service Commission (TSC) number.

The services one is least likely to be asked for a bribe are acquiring a visa, seeking a water connection and obtaining a death certificate.

“Impact of bribery on service delivery is more evident in an application for TSC number, seeking relief food, registration or transfer of a vehicle, collection of a construction certificate, seeking a driving license, seeking CDF funds and seeking agricultural extension services,” EACC said.

“Each time a person paid a bribe for these services, they were more likely to receive the service than if they did not pay the bribe.”


By Matildah Obaigwa

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