A man in Shiseso Kakamega County sews his manhood back after a biting incident during a fight.

The man is recovering in a Shiseso model health center after he stitched back his private parts with a stitching thread used for shoes and boots.

The man was trying to stop a squabble between a woman and her brother when the woman allegedly tackled him and bit him where the sun doesn’t shine.

He also admits that although he was in extreme pain, he opted to fix his manhood by himself at his house before he sought for medical attention.

“I tried to stop the duo from their fight suddenly I was down not knowing how. She then bit my “butt” midair. The Lady bit my manhood off. How, I can I explain? ” He spoke

He continues by saying “I went to my house still in pain and bleeding, removed my trouser and when I saw myself, I was disgusted by myself and all I thought was how to save my private parts and masculinity.”

The neighbors were dumbfounded by his act, be it strength or something that they can’t phantom. They later on helped him to various health centers where he was denied access as his case was beyond them until later on, he was admitted at Shiseso Health Center.

They also condemned the woman and his act terming it to be a beastly one since they cannot explain how she managed to do it for he was wearing his trouser when he went to separate them from fighting.

The doctor who attended to him said there was no permanent damage as his testicles are in place. All he needed was professional stiches to stop the bleeding and prevent him from contracting infections. The man is admitted in the hospital as he awaits to recovering.


By Purity Nyang’ara.

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