President Ruto Attacks The Judiciary Again

For the second time, the president of the Republic of Kenya has accused unnamed judges of corruption, alleging bribery in some of the court rulings.

Speaking on Sunday, President Ruto vowed to disregard court rulings that are meant to derail his government agenda.

The president said that those taking him to court are out to stop him from delivering to Kenyans, adding that the affordable housing plan and affordable health care for all are constitutionally guaranteed rights.

On Tuesday, during the burial of Michael Waweru (father of Nyandarua senator John Methu) in Nyandarua county, Mr. Ruto said those trying to stop him have benefited by working with corrupt judicial officials.

President Ruto insisted that the judiciary must be answerable and submit itself to the constitution and the people of Kenya. He accused the judiciary of allegedely obstructing the Bottom-Up Transformation Agenda.

In his new year address to the nation, he cautioned the judiciary against not obeying the law and being unconstitutional. He said that the judiciary should be careful on the claim to protect and advance people’s rights so that they do not deny them legitimate opportunities.

“We must take abundant care that our claim to protecting or advancing the people’s rights does not deny them legitimate opportunities, or make a mockery of their struggles and aspirations,” said he president.

He further said that his government is democratic for it respects and protects the independence of the judiciary but will not allow judicial tyranny. He noted that it not possible that the judiciary is respected yet it works with individuals who do not want the country to move forward.

“It is not possible that we respect the judiciary and yet a few individuals who are beneficiaries of corruption are blocking our development agenda through court cases,” Ruto affirmed.

Mr. Ruto maintained that his government will change the laws for it to stop public funds from being stolen and protect resources that are meant to help Kenyans.


By Matildah Obaigwa

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